What's the big difference?

Why would anyone hire a virtual assistant rather than an in-office assistant anyway? I can get an in office assistant at roughly the same hourly rate as a virtual assistant, can’t I?

Of course you could go out and hire a local virtual assistant or an in-office assistant to perform the same tasks at a similar overall cost to hiring a Team Double-Click® assistant.

However, you will lose out on the following value-added benefits that ONLY we provide:

 Two free hours that you can use to train your virtual assistant.

 A two hour placement guarantee – if we miss that two hour placement guarantee your first two hours are free!

 A Client Services Representative to assist you if you have problems with the virtual assistant or working virtually – no charge.

 Real Estate training and/or general virtual assistant training.

 An additional representative who shadows the virtual assistant to be sure they’re performing well and taking good care of you – no charge!

 A replacement should the virtual assistant become ill, take a vacation, or fail to perform to expectations.

 A rigorous 9-step prescreening process before they are assigned to our clients.

 A virtual administrative assistant who can replace themselves if their skills don’t match and refer you to the pool of other virtual assistants should additional
work or skills become necessary.

 Virtual assistants who have their own computer with the latest and most powerful administrative software.

 The backing of a growing company with hundreds of staffers specializing in the virtual administrative workforce.

 With all these time and money-saving benefits, Team Double-Click® will save you a significant amount of money and aggravation over trying to hire a virtual administrative assistant yourself!

We know how valuable your time is and that you’d rather focus on the things that’ll help your business make money, so we do most of the legwork involved in hiring and retaining virtual administrative assistants. Once you put us to work, all you need to worry about is telling us what you need!

“So what,” you say. “Maybe I don’t mind doing all of the legwork myself.” This may also be true, crazy, but true. What other benefits will I gain by hiring virtually as opposed to having an in-house staff?

Glad you asked. Hiring virtually also:

 Allows you to avoid buying an additional computer for your admin/staff to use.

 Allows you to avoid buying a desk for your admin/staff to use.

 Keeps workers OUT of your office/home office.

 Allows you to avoid paying FICA (Social Security Tax) – legally!

 Allows you to avoid paying unemployment tax – legally!

 Allows you to avoid paying for holiday, vacation, and sick time.

 Helps reduce vehicle emissions and fuel usage.

 Means happier workers that are more efficient at their jobs.

 Allows you to pay ONLY for the time used/work produced – not several hours a week more.

 Allows you to finance your payroll with your credit card or PayPal.

 Gives you all of the administrative and telemarketing services you need, customized at no additional charge.

 Helps you find top-notch workers by the hundreds and find them in mere moments – even if you are in an area of the country where “good help is hard to find”   – isn’t it always?

 Gives you highly-focused workers from around the country for a fraction of the cost of hiring a locally.

 Helps you stay on budget with your staffing needs – you can easily increase or decrease the hours that a virtual works based on the ebbs and flows of your   business needs.

 Lets you skip the screening process for a good, quality fit for your business and your needs, since Team Double-Click® does this.

 Keeps your workforce and company flexible to meet peaks and valleys in your company’s employment and workflow needs.

 Keeps your business flexible so that, as a small business, I have efficiency advantages over the big guys.

 Allows you to gain more time, which you can either use for your personal life or focus on other areas of your business.

 Allows you to hire workers who don’t require long-term obligations.

 Allows you to easily locate good help for difficult projects and tasks requiring rare or niche skills.

 Get daily reports so you can see where your money is going every day.

 Increases your business exponentially by utilizing a telemarketer to help you locate more leads who will convert into sales.

 Lets you have as many or as few individual admins assigned to you as you need – whether one or a dozen. Lets you have a worker or workers from a wide   variety of backgrounds leveraging their skills and talents in ways you might not have thought possible.